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Hola VPN Review 2023: Free, But Puts Your Safety at Risk

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Hola VPN openly admits to collecting user data and recording logs — even on its paid version. This, combined with its shady practices with its free app, should be enough reason to avoid Hola VPN altogether. Its privacy policy clearly states that it collects certain types of personal information, including IP addresses, billing information, and email addresses. Also, Hola VPN’s macOS and iOS apps don’t have a kill switch, which cuts off your internet connection if your VPN disconnects suddenly. This is a standard security feature that most VPNs have, so the lack of it on the macOS app was disappointing. The paid version comes with military-grade encryption, but its protocols are outdated and there’s no kill switch.

iTop VPN review – TechRadar

iTop VPN review.

Posted: Wed, 15 Dec 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Almost the same stuff which is allowed to ISPs in FCC’s new net-neutrality regulation and people are mad about it since they are approved. There is a lot of information in the VPN’s privacy policy, and most people avoid reading it. However, I can never trust a compromised VPN without complete confirmation of privacy and security. While searching for the Hola VPN safety, I witnessed various news reports the data leaks and vulnerability exploitation.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre Hola VPN

Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. It was blocked, for obvious reasons by the new admin, and I need it for my early childhood education class because I need ideas for what to do for my students. So finally, after accepting defeat, I downloaded this extension out of complete impulse. Also, I can finally access discord for messaging friends and stuff. It is so easy to use and customer support is outstanding. Hola’s founders came up with the clever idea of using that model to create a pseudo-VPN.

  • Bottom line, Hola is a very shaky VPN service, if one can even call it that.
  • In addition to Hola VPN Premium, there is Hola VPN Basic and Hola VPN Ultra.
  • You do not pay extra for anything you buy on our site — our commission comes directly from the product owner.
  • Hola’s free plan has a daily time limit, as do most free VPNs.
  • The difference is that Hotspot Shield didn’t vary much from that average, while Hola varied wildly.

hola vpn review customer service confirmed as well that their service can’t be used in China. Hola made it clear in its privacy statement that it retains your data for as long as the service deems necessary. This might upset a lot of privacy-focused users, and it didn’t sit well with me either.

It may warn you, notify the copyright holder, or notify your government. Another popular reason for using a conventional VPN is to avoid that kind of risk. Hola’s unique method of operation makes speed testing arbitrary. Almost every server and personal computer has different connection speeds. As you would expect, results were mixed from the extremes of slowly loading ordinary websites to flawless video streaming. Both Hola and Hotspot Shield list servers in India on their websites.

Now, sure they keep logs, but they clearly mention it instead of misleading their userbase. Overall, if Hola VPN only offered support for torrenting and encryption in the Hola VPN free version, I guess there is no better free VPN out there than Hola VPN. So by now, it’s clear in this Hola VPN review in Canada, that Hola VPN is not for everyone. Due to the fact that it keeps logs, it’s hard to use this service for sensitive tasks like online banking or totally anonymous browsing.

Hola is the best VPN in the world

If you’re looking to save extra money on a paid Hola VPN subscription, check if they have any available deals today. A typical premium VPN service charges you a fee, and that’s how it pays its bills and stays on business. Free VPNs, on the other hand, collect your online data for sale to data mining companies. Unfortunately, Hola’s business model is not exactly either of those.

HolaVPN has servers available in 190 countries, but neither the website nor its apps reveal the exact city locations. This is due to the absence of a dedicated server network for premium users. Hola VPN is one of the most unreliable free VPN services we have reviewed so far. It doesn’t encrypt your connection, it logs all of your internet activities and later shares your information with outside parties. So, anyone who chooses to download it runs the danger of losing their online security, identity, and privacy.


In spite of all the bad things mentioned in this Hola review, it still remains a good unblocking service. If the website you are trying to access does not recognize your real IP address, you will most likely be able to geo-spoof it. It would be great to see Hola VPN add a live chat support solution in the future, that would save its users time and make the whole process more convenient. Hola VPN offers 24/7 email support, from our experience, we got responses significantly fast, replies were helpful and insightful.

For this, you will have to go into your Startup configuration settings and disable HolaVPN, which can be confusing or inconvenient for some users. On the whole, the service is not transparent about how it keeps you safe, making it highly suspicious and risky. You could unknowingly become complicit in cybercrime if someone uses your bandwidth to perform illegal activities online using Hola VPN.

HolaVPN key features at a glance

However, it’s still accessible via apps on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and iOS, as well as through alternative browsers like Opera and Edge. We also verified using its Shanghai server, and because the service lacks encryption and the Great Firewall uses DPI , we couldn’t able to access content that is restricted in China. It too has the option to pick locations and that’s about it.

  • Each article we publish has been examined to ensure that the content is as accurate as possible.
  • The firewall in your router is an important layer of protection.
  • If you don’t know how to set up a VPN, we recommend checking our article about that.
  • Consequently, the lack of encryption means there is always a safety risk with Hola VPN.

Even if hola VPN specifies it, the concern remains that a sheer part of my sensitive data is kept and shared with third-party, no matter who they are. The recent “Hola VPN hijack via MyEtherWallet cryptocurrency,” and the news of user bandwidth selling by Hola VPN greatly deflected users from using hola VPN. Hola Ultra is the topmost version and is one of the fastest VPN and is very useful for unblocking geo-restricted content. Another major disadvantage of using this VPN is that it causes trouble while connecting to different devices.

Does Hola VPN sell your data?

And, if you’re still on the fence, Hola offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee so you can always test before fully committing. For some users, it’s better than paying an unaffordable fee. And the transparency is a breath of fresh air compared to some free VPN providers. I’m very happy with Hola, it works smoothly and unblocks anything I need.

It doesn’t offer anything other VPNs don’t already offer at a lower price point. For instance, Surfshark allows unlimited simultaneous connections, has over 3,000 servers, can stream in 4K , and has no speed or data limits. Surfshark plans range between $2.49 a month with a two-year plan and $12.95 with a monthly plan — much lower than Hola Ultra. By sharing the internet connection of someone in another country, you appear to be an individual customer to streaming services.


No, becausehttps://coinbreakingnews.info/ VPN doesn’t encrypt users’ internet traffic. Instead, it utilizes a peer-to-peer network to mask your online identity. However, encryption is something we all want from a VPN service. Consequently, the lack of encryption means there is always a safety risk with Hola VPN. There is one more subscription option from Hola, which is essentially the same as Premium, but with a few added perks. Hola VPN gives 100% free access to VPN services and works smoothly with PCs as well.


Huge Server network is amazingly helpful for users and provides them with greater options for unblocking content and access to restricted sites. Also, Zenmate VPN provides customers the facility to opt the server of their own choice. Hola VPN uses a P2P model where you will be assigned to the IP address of other users of the same VPN. It is a good VPN for unblocking the geo-restricted content of different locations. The VPN provides security to their user’s data in encrypted form. Hola VPN is good for beginners and people who want to use the VPN for not-so-confidential work.

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